Cork Digital Capability Survey


As existing industries converge with the digital economy, traditional business models are being disrupted and new models are emerging. Cork businesses need to transform in order to compete successfully in this new economy. The Cork Digital Capability Survey will reveal how Cork businesses are embracing the digital economy, at what pace and with what level of digital maturity.


Take our FREE survey below and receive your personalised digital capability score. This will indicate how digital your company is and where there is scope to improve. Participants in the survey will also be entered into our draw. We are inviting as many Cork businesses as possible from all sectors to participate. The survey should take only take a few minutes of your time and you are encouraged to share the survey link with other Cork businesses.


Your answers will provide insights into the digital practices and digital strategy of your business. This will include your use of digital technologies and what your strategy is for adopting such technologies. It will also indicate how you use technology to enhance your processes and functions, and in what ways this has changed how your organisation engages with its customers and suppliers.


The survey will respect all required information privacy and data security requirements. The data collected through this survey will not be used for marketing purposes, and will not be made available to any party other than Digital Cork for the purposes of generating individual digital capability scores and a measure of Cork’s digital maturity.

Thank you for completing the survey. When you press SUBMIT you will have your individual digital capability score calculated and sent to you by e-mail – THIS IS FREE! You will also be entered in our draw, which will take place when the results of the survey have been collated and analysed.